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Nicco Dining Chair BCO-05

Nicco Dining Chair BCO-05

Ks 130,000


  • Material: Japanese Tatami Seat


  • Dimensions:  50cm(L)*30cm(W)*47cm(H)

  • Color: Gray/ Blue


  • Frequent dusting of your furniture will help maintain the luster of both oil and lacquer finishes. Use a dry, soft cotton cloth.

  • Please don't place wet or hot objects on your wooden furniture. Use trivets and coasters to prevent damage, and wipe up spills promptly.

  • Excessive or prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade the color of your furniture and dry the wood. Use window coverings or tablecloths to prevent daily direct exposure of your furniture to the sun.

  • If you leave objects such as candleholders or vases on an uncovered wood surface, rotate them regularly to prevent dark or light spots.


Earliest Delivery Sunday, 16 Aug 2020
Fulfilled By Nicco Myanmar